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The Wine House at Recinos Imports Ltd.

The Wine House is a retailer of high quality and well-priced wines and spirits
from Argentina, France, Chile, Spain and Italy.

Our brands come in different varieties of red, white and rose wines.

Our Brands

Valle Redondo Header
Gato Negro Wines

Wine Culture

Why do wines get aged in oak barrels?

Before there were glass bottles (1600’s and before), most wines were stored and sold in wooden barrels. In fact, paintings from around this time period often show wine barrels strewn about. And, while we’ve outgrown the necessity for barrels to store and transport wine, we’ve come to acquire a taste for it. Oak barrels are an integral part of modern winemaking (and whisky too!)

The Dancing Couple by Jan Havickszoon Steen 1663
A barrel and ceramic serving decanters are depicted in this 1600s Dutch scene. The painting is called The Dancing Couple by Jan Havickszoon Steen in 1663

How Do Oak Barrels Help Wine?

Oak offers three major contributions to wine:

It adds flavor compounds–including aromas of vanilla, clove, smoke and coconut.
It allows the slow ingress of oxygen–a process which makes wine taste smoother and less astringent.
It provides a suitable environment for certain metabolic reactions to occur (specifically Malolactic Fermentation)–which makes wines taste creamier.

Wine Tips

Hopefully you’ve already experienced how wildly different your coffee, tea or soda tastes at different temperatures. This same ideology applies to wine. Also, some of the more delicate floral aromatics in fine wines are completely subdued at overly cool temperatures or burn off too quickly when the wine is too warm.

  • RED WINE tastes better when served slightly below room temperature from 53-69 °F (light red wines like Pinot Noir taste better at the cooler end of the spectrum)
  • WHITE WINE tastes great from about 44 – 57 °F. (zesty whites on the cool side and oak-aged whites on the warm side)
  • SPARKLING WINE Affordable sparklers do great at 38 °F – 45 °F (serve high-quality Champagne and sparkling wines at white wine temperatures)

Welcome to The Wine House

A wine bar owned and operated by Recinos Imports Ltd. The Wine House offers a collection of quality wines from across the globe. Relax in our cozy wine bar lounge with friends or stop by and purchase your wines to go. We also offer a variety of local and international artisan cheeses and meats that pair perfectly with any wine in our collection.
Carpaccio Platter
Bruschetta Platter
Some of the Wine Selection
Wine Tasting at The Wine House
blanco - special
JP Chenet Ice Edition

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Do you love #Astica Wines? We've got the perfect promo just for you! But 4 of your favorite Astica Wines and get 1 bottle FREE only at The Wine House! So come on in and and lets #winetogether! Cheers!